IB Co-Working XL includes telephone service

IB Co-Working XL: You can register your head office using the representative address of our business centre and represent your company by installing a company sign at the building entrance.

We will accept your post and look after it until you come and collect it. Upon request, we can open your post so that you can be informed about the content over the phone or by e-mail. We will frank your letters and take them to the post office on a daily basis or as agreed. You will have access to our secretarial staff, technology and premises. You can book conference rooms and day offices and meet your customers.

We will answer calls on behalf of your company and inform you about the content by e-mail, fax or text message. Of course, we can also forward any incoming calls to you. This package also enables you to register your head office or branch office. Please observe the relevant legal provisions in this regard.

Our services:

  • Registration of your company’s head office or branch office
  • Fixed or shared Desk
  • Post receipt service including personal pigeon hole (IB start)
  • Acceptance and storage of your small and large packages
  • Installation of a company sign with your logo (production charged separately)
  • Telephone service (IB switch)

Optional extras:

  • Post sending service
  • Use of our conference and meeting options
  • Secretarial services

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Some pictures of our building, as well as the offices and common areas are available under Office impressions.