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IB Switch

Your telephone services
By choosing IHR BÜRO as your call answering service provider, you can rest assured that all your calls will be answered and forwarded to you. Without being on site, you have the option of offering continuous professional customer support.

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Secretarial services

Outsourcing made easy
During our office hours, you will have access to professional secretarial services provided by a trained and multi-lingual team. All administrative tasks are completed professionally in your name and prepared for further processing.

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Accounting services

Preparatory accounting services and much more
Managing your accounting records, processing debtors and creditors, as well as any work for your tax return. We are also happy to prepare your documents for your tax advisor and will act as a personal secretary if there are any queries.

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Büro außer Haus

Off-site office

We will come directly to your office
If you only have a temporary amount of administrative work but do not want fixed personnel costs. Use our multi-lingual personnel, who will come directly to your site to act as your own personal back office staff.

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  • I had been searching for an office in which I could operate flexibly for a long time. Long-term rental contracts was one of the factors that I was very important to me. I especially wanted to be flexible when it came to my desired growth, while not having to go without important things like a telephone, fax, meeting room, etc. I found what I needed at IHR BÜRO !–Bernhard Peters

  • My decision was based on a few important factors: flexibility, costs, growth, service, premises… IHR BÜRO is exactly the right partner for me and I am completely satisfied–Sandro Mayer

  • I’m really happy at IHR BÜRO. Everything is processed quickly, it is cost-effective and very professional–Wolfgang Hähnlein